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The termite is one of the most difficult insects to control. Termites are small, cryptic and have the pesky habit and tenacity to forage and root their way into the hardest to reach places in your structure. Advances in technology and methodology have made miraculous improvements in the field of termite management; however, the nature of a termite infestation differs greatly form locale to locale and different pest control companies tend to favor different methodology. This page provides an overview of the various methods of termite dection and termite treatment.

Termite Treatment Techniques

Treatment techniques vary depending on whether the termites are Subterranean or Drywood.

If you are unclear on the type of termites you have you can learn more about subterranean and drywood termite basics here.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

When it comes to termite control, the good news is that new, effective management techniques continue to emerge. Subterranean termites, which live underground, are the most likely type of termite to attack your home. Generally, these control options for these termites work by:

Chemical Barriers


Wood Treatment

Termite Liquid Barrier Spray Termite Bait Station Termite Wood Treatment
Establishing a chemical barrier to keep termites out of your home, or kill termites that come into contact with the barrier. Baiting termites with edible material that kills them. Preventing termite infestations with new home construction treatments.


Drywood Termite Treatments

Drywood termites lives in the dry wood found in your home and can be treated with spot and tenting applications.

Chemical Barriers


Heat Treatment

Wood Treatment

Termite Liquid Barrier Spray Termite fumigation Termite Wood Treatment
Synthetic (repellent and non-repellent options) or natural pesticide direct application to accessible wood surfaces as a “spot treatment.” Whole house fumigation Heat Treatment Preventing termite infestations with new home construction treatments.

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