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Washington Law

The following is a selection from the Washington state code on Structural Pest Control Licensing requirements.


RCW 15.58.205

Structural pest inspector licenses — Required — Exemptions. (Effective until January 1, 2009.)

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no individual may perform services as a structural pest inspector or advertise that they perform services of a structural pest inspector without obtaining a structural pest inspector license from the director. The license expires annually on a date set by rule by the director. Application for a license must be on a form prescribed by the director and must be accompanied by a fee of forty-five dollars.

(2) The following are exempt from the application fee requirement of subsection (1) of this section when acting within the authorities of their existing licenses issued under chapter 15.58 or 17.21 RCW: Licensed pest control consultants; licensed commercial pesticide applicators and operators; licensed private-commercial applicators; and licensed demonstration and research applicators.

(3) The following are exempt from the structural pest inspector licensing requirement: Individuals inspecting for damage caused by wood destroying organisms if the inspections are solely for the purpose of: (a) Repairing or making specific recommendations for the repair of the damage, or (b) assessing a monetary value for the structure inspected. Individuals performing wood destroying organism inspections that incorporate but are not limited to the activities described in (a) or (b) of this subsection are not exempt from the structural pest inspector licensing requirement.

(4) Persons holding a valid license to act as a structural pest inspector on July 1, 2003, are exempt from this requirement until expiration of that license.

(5) A structural pest inspector license is not valid for conducting a complete wood destroying organism inspection unless the inspector owns or is employed by a business with a structural pest inspection company license.

[2003 c 212 § 5.]



Case Law

Key Washington Termite Cases:

Obde v. Schlemeyer, 56 Wash.2d 449, 353 P.2d 672 (1960)

Hughes v. Stusser, 68 Wash.2d 707, 415 P.2d 89 (1966)


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