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Other Pests Founds When Inspecting for Termites

It is not uncommon for a termite or building inspector to find problems other than termites in the course of a termite inspection. You might find:

  • Bees and Wasps in the attic
  • Rats, Mice and associated rodent damage.
  • Bird nests and damage from their fecal matter
  • Dead and live animals
  • Ants feeding off the organic matter in the attic
  • Silverfish in old boxes and books
  • Spiders feeding off the insects
  • Even roaches in the pipes or kitchen

Really, the list goes on and on!

Who Should I Contract for NON-Termite Work

So, should you have any of these problems, you may or may not want the termite company to do this work. Speaking as the owner of Hearts Pest Management, a pest control (non-termite) company, I can safely say that we focus on the pests and let others focus on termites. That’s one of many reasons we are better than the termite companies. Just as they are the only place to go for termite work – because that is their focus.

Having browsed this website, you can see that a termite company needs to concentrate so heavily on how to do a proper termite job, that they may not be the go to company for other work. It’s all up to you. You may find a company that does both well.

Good Inspectors Will Report It

It’s our opinion that a good termite inspector will inform you about non-termite work. Perhaps you will be lucky to find a company that does it all well, both termite and pest. But don’t count on it. You could get a discount for bundling various pest services with one company, but don’t make your decision solely on price. These different pests are a whole other ball of wax, so to speak. So think out each individual problem with its’ appropriate solution.

Missed Non-Termite Work

Commonly, there is no requirement for a termite inspector to report non-termite pest damage. If you find non-termite work from someone other than the termite inspector, it is a good indicator that this company or technician does not want the non-termite work and perhaps you should look to a company with a different set of specialties.

Hearts Pest Management, Inc. in Southern California for Other Pests

In Southern California, feel free to call or contact Hearts Pest Management for all your other pests.

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