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Termite Detection Techniques

The termite is one of the most difficult insects to control. Termites are small, cryptic and have the pesky habit and tenacity to forage and root their way into the hardest to reach places in your structure. Advances in technology and methodology have made miraculous improvements in the field of termite management; however, the nature of a termite infestation differs greatly form locale to locale and different pest control companies tend to favor different methodology. This page provides an overview of the various methods of termite dection and termite treatment.

Termite Detection Techniques

When it comes to discovering termites, there is no match for experience, hard work, and a sharp eye. Termite experts have been trained to recognize all the signs of termites.

Despite all the modern advances a visual inspection remains a termite inspectors primary means of detecting the presence of termites in a customer’s home. However technology has taken some of the guess work out of detecting termites in a home’s structure.

Termite Detection Devises

Moisture Meters

Moisture MeterMoisture Meters measure the moisture content of wood, walls, and other materials suspected of harboring termites. Since termites are often drawn to areas of high mositure meter can be used to uncover hidden termite infestations, and trace likely routes of entry in a structure. They are useful for locating aboveground colonies, and conditions conducive to maintaining such infestations.

Listening Devices

Termite Listening DeviceSound ampflication devices help a technician with a trained ear recognize the sounds of a termite infestation inside a building’s structure.

Microwave technology

Devices such as Termatrac use microwave technology to detect hidden termite activity

Thermal Imaging

TermatracThermal imaging cameras detect infrared heat emitted form a termite’s metabolism.

Trained Dogs

One of the more interesting techniques in the termite detection game is the use of specially trained dogs, usually beagles, who are conditioned from an early age to detect the presence of a termites through their advanced sense of smell. Termite detection dogs also offer a technician the ability to investigate tight crawl spaces or other areas that are not accessible to the average adult.

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