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Hearts Consulting Group, LLC is here to help with an unbiased response to inquiries about termites and termite work. Hearts Consulting Group is NOT in the termite business, though we have extensive knowledge of the pest control sector. We do not inspect, sell, treat, repair or warranty termite work. We are simply acting as an information and referral clearinghouse.

Should you have problems that arise that are NOT termites, but perhaps you discovered it during the course of a termite inspection, anything from rat and mice damage, to birds and bees, ants and spiders or that new menice – bed bugs – we can perhaps provide a referral for that too. In Southern California, we would be happy to refer you to our sister company, Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

Hearts Consulting Group, LLC
11315 Rancho Bernardo Rd. #148
San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: 1-877-557-3787

fax: 1-858-486-3639

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