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Termite Insurance – Guarantees and Warranties

Introduction to Warranties and Guarantees

You will find many different types of guarantees and warranties in the termite industry. Learn what options are out there. Understand what a termite company can and cannot guarantee or warranty. Evaluate the benefit/cost of the proposition to protect your home in the future from termites. Also, learn about roof tile insurance.

I think it is fair to say that no one can guarantee that you will never see another termite. Termite Insurance policies, in our opinion, should be stated as limited.

Termite Fumigations

While termite fumigations, if done correctly, should kill all the termites, new termites can come in at any time after the fumigation is completed. Fumigants are deadly but once the gas is gone, there is nothing left over from the fumigant to stop new infestations. And I’m sure you want the fumigant to be gone!

Local Treatments for Termites

Local treatments are considered “sub-standard” to fumigation is that they only address accessible areas of the structure. If the termites have gone to inaccessible areas of the structure, the local treatment will not be fully effective.

Termite Repairs

Termite repairs are meant to not only fix the structure from the termite damage, but also to seal the structure so that the openings that termite took opportunistic advantage of are gone. This is an important part of assuring that after the work is done, you can feel comfortable that the warranty is not just a piece of paper.

Termite Insurance Policy Terms

You can obtain insurance covering a variety of time lengths. The length of the warranty given is not necessarily a good gadge of how long the treatment will last. Simply, each company makes its’ own economic decision as to what period they will come out and retreat if termites return.

Services to be Rendered Under the Insurance

Review what services will be rendered under the insurance. There may be some limitations on how the termite company will go about retreating, using the same or different methods.

Is the termite company required to come out and re-inspect periodically, or do they wait for you to call them with a termite problem. Will the termite company be proactive so as to catch any new termite problem quickly…. or will they cross their fingers and hope the warranty expires?

Roof Tile Insurance

If you are having a fumigation done, there will be men walking on your roof with heavy tarps. It is very common for roof tiles to become broken. The work involved in reroofing can be very costly. We suggest you consider getting roof tile insurance from the termite company that contracts the fumigation.

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