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Why Termite Public Service?

Over the years, as a pest control owner/operator, I have been very exposed to individual property owners with concerns about termites, realtors and legal experts with interests related to termites and certainly many termite specialty companies. I have heard many things about the termite sector and decided for many reasons never to get involved in termite work. That being said, I do have a strong curiousity about the subject of termite work and felt it was important to stay abreast of the termite sector.

One day, I thought to myself: ” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a stake in the large termite sector without the liabilities of termite inspections, hazardous labor and warranties?” This Termite Public Service website is the answer to my dream. It is a website that is totally neutral relative to the termite industry. We provide information from all perspectives: the property owner, buyer and seller, renters or other occupants, termite companies, realtors and lawyers. My hope is that this becomes a combination BBB/Wikipedia for the termite market. And I hope you will have a better experience with your termite project as a result of the information you have garnered here at Termite Public Service.

Hearts Consulting Group

Hearts Consulting Group, LLC is a business and web consulting company with extensive knowledge and expertise in the pest control sector. (Check out BugsInMyBed.com). Hearts Consulting Group is NOT a termite company nor a pest control company. Hearts Consulting Group receives no revenue from this website other than the fees paid by advertisers.

Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

Hearts Pest Managment, Inc., as “sister company,” is NOT licensed in termite control and derives no benefit from termiteps.com other than through our advertisements for NON-TERMITE WORK, such as rodent or bee work that may be found during a termite inspection. This only applies to Southern California where Hearts Pest Management, Inc. provides standard and green certified pest control services.

Termite Professionality Disclaimer

As stated already, we have a great interest in the termite market as well as substantial expertise in business and web development. I hope you will consider discovering our other websites and business capabilities. Lastly, we wish to be absolutely clear that we are NOT licensed termite professionals and seek no termite work. Our website, like any website, is a work in progress. Information changes at an extremely rapid pace and we make NO claims as to the accuracy of information on this website.

Legal Disclaimer

Nothing on this website should be construed as legal guidance or advise. We are NOT licensed to practice law in any state or country.

Final Comment

Our best advise is to become well educated from multiple sources so as to better reach your own conclusions.

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